What does responsive website design mean?

Responsive website design

Responsiveness means that the website can be adapted to the screen of various devices, such as smartphones, laptops, computers, etc., so that visiting and using the website can be done easily. .

This feature becomes important when the majority of virtual space users enter this space through mobile phones, but the website designed for the computer monitor screen does not have this feature. In this case, due to the lack of proper display of the site, that site will lose many of its audience who are actually its potential customers.

Therefore, if you plan to succeed in your online business, create this feature for your site. To make it possible to be responsive, you should refer to companies and people who specialize in responsive website design.

Today, users use countless screens in large and small sizes to access Internet pages.
Just as in architecture, using modern technology provides the possibility to control various components and equipment automatically, responsive website design is also a suitable approach that enables web designers to Creating a flexible website to react to users’ device changes.
رسپانسیو - واکنش گرا

Since today technology has become an essential part of daily life, as a result, a wide range of devices through which users are able to access the Internet should be considered. Because flexibility is the key to business success, especially online business.

Until recently, to display a website on mobile, separate design and programming was done under the title of Mobile version or mobile-oriented site. In this type of design, according to the user’s browser ID, the server recognizes that the user is visiting the site with a mobile phone, in this case, it shows him the mobile content at the same address or directs him to the mobile URL.

The importance of designing a responsive website

With responsive site design, there is no need to design a dedicated site for every gadget on the market.

In Responsive Web Design, which is known as Responsive Web Design, the structure of the site layers is designed in a floating manner, which allows the adjustment of page width, text size, etc. in different dimensions, which is done completely automatically.

Responsive site is used for the site’s response to changes in different devices such as tablets, mobiles, laptops, smart TVs and also changes in resolutions.

A leading and successful company should present its business information in the best way and react appropriately to the change of users’ devices.

Due to this unique possibility, the user will have a better interaction with the site and this technique will have a positive effect and more attraction on the user.

Now is the time to change and present the site with new content and a leading format.

رسپانسیو - واکنش گرا

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