Corporate website design steps

Designing a corporate website goes through specific steps and procedures, each of which is done one after the other to implement the site. In this section, in addition to getting to know the company’s website design steps, it is a good guide for those people who plan to do website design and are looking for reliable and reliable sources for learning. In the following, we discuss the most important stages of corporate website design.

If the purpose of designing a corporate website is to enter the field of competition with active companies in your field of work, your success in this field of designing a dedicated corporate website is necessary. According to the statistics of users visiting the site, today most of the visits are done through smart devices, including mobile phones and tablets, so it is recommended that the display of the company’s website is compatible with these devices.

Site design and optimization experts can offer you the best corporate website design according to their experience and technical knowledge and after approval, they can bring it to the stage of implementation and launch. In the following, we want to examine the design of the corporate website and its steps. Stay with us.

Planning and surveys to build the site

The first and most important stage of website design is planning or requirements assessment of website construction. Planning and polling are done in order to determine what features are going to be placed on the site to meet the user’s needs. The customer’s request and needs are recorded in the form of a proposal and approved by both parties, and then other stages of website design are carried out.

Content review and research

After receiving the client’s request and needs assessment, the site design technical team will analyze and review the content and suggest the best solution to the client to present on the site. The ideas and opinions of the technical team will be shared with the employer through the relevant project manager, and if approved by the parties to the contract, its implementation will be entrusted to the site design team.

Wireframe design

Wireframe design means that the designer must first determine the general view of the site according to the customer’s needs and the purpose of the site. In this overview, the place of various elements and shapes is gradually determined. The initial arrangement and the preparation of the general map are at this stage.

Designing the main template and site graphics

At this stage, after the initial map of the pages is drawn, you should think about the graphic design of the site. The graphic designer adds color and shape to the frame design. Perhaps this stage can also be called decorating the frame. Of course, in all stages of website design, the primary goal of construction should not be neglected.

Programming and coding

The coding stage requires a lot of skill. This step is related to the site management section. If you are a little familiar with the atmosphere of coding and website design, you must have heard the name Word Press a lot. Word Press is actually the name of the content management system, which is widely used due to its ease. Some designers prefer to program the site from scratch instead of these types of systems. Of course, the cost of the customer also affects this decision.

Enter the basic information of the site

After coding, the initial data entry phase begins. At this stage, the site is partially sealed, and some possible system bugs will be identified and fixed by the technical team.

Testing and reviewing the site

In the testing and revision phase of the site, the site is fully provided to the employer to work with the site as a user and administrator. At this stage, it is possible that the employer may request changes to his site, which will be done by the technical team’s review. If it is more than the basic requirements of the website design, its cost should be issued and paid as a separate invoice.

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